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Dear Football Teams, MOF will be commencing signups for Leisure & Minor leagues (both twice a month, Sunday, 11am & 1pm) very soon.  Super, Major Sat/Sun or Leisure/Minor Sat are not opened for registration yet. 

Meanwhile, here are some info for you:

– To join our leagues, FOUR incident free friendlies must be played in our friendlies first before being able to register for Leisure or Minor leagues: this allows us to:

  • know you are an accountable/safe/non-violent/non-abusive team, AND
  • determine your leisure/minor/major/super skill level AND
  • know your hotline communication with us is good: no pestering for waiver of rules clearly laid down in Terms & Conditions, no last minute changes to team colours, pleading to be allowed to come late for games, or  abusive or snarky or often making unhappy remarks to us over the hotlines, particularly complaints, ‘unfair play by opponent’, ‘score should be reversed’, ‘need MOF to be flexible because we have last minute event so we want our game postponed’. Our Terms & Conditions have been made very clearly from day one. (Signing up & then complaining days before ‘my team doesn’t want to travel’, ‘we want in our neighbourhood area’, ‘we want to change location’ is simply not possible – you should not have joined in the first place in that case)
  • know that you are not a newbie team, because we find most new teams unstable and lacks commitment: For example if the team keeps losing players usually stop showing up and the team Mgr is left to pay for fees (and opponent fees because of walkovers) 

– Details of fields fees/location/prizes/timings are here:

For 2023 kick off leagues, Game fees will be increased to $150 per team per game, and the one-off registration signup non refundable fee will be $150. 

Due to the shortage and randomness of fields awarded, it is likely difficult to provide geographical preference (also note every team has their preference). You can still tell us your preference based on below, BUT be prepared we may not be able to give them to you at all:

  • if u prefer 11am or 1 pm timings (you must still be prepared to play both, as your opponent has preferences too)
  • rank your preference based on these 3 groupings: (North West/West) or (East/Central/North-East) or North.
  • You may have indicated your geographical preference, but please note as with last 6 months experience, please be prepared to play in any region/venue. If you have an issue with this, please do not sign up (and let us know to delist you)

– We classify and group leisure & minor teams based on your past performances with other leisure & minor teams. Check in with us what is your category – if we cannot agree, unfortunately it will mean you cannot join that league you want. Explained here:

– Games are only twice a month (not weekly and may not be alternate weeks due to public holidays etc), because we have dealt with many passionate teams who want to play weekly, but after a few weeks keep asking for postponements/changes in venue near their players/unhappiness & abuse being thrown at our hotlines because we cannot agree/disguising their abuse as ‘feedback’ after ‘feedback’ to our hotlines). Please note these teams will be banned moving forwards, and outstanding fees for them & opponents payable within 2 weeks (non payment means enforcement Small Claims with an enforcement fee)

– MOF and our referees are tired of abuse/violence/quarrels/arguments in our games. We have been successful in ensuring these do not occur (by firmly banning teams, & spotting them even when they disguise themselves as another team to enter our games. This policy will continue to be strictly enforced and teams banned.

– as always, our Terms & Conditions apply, do review! At any point pre- or post- registration MOF reserves all rights to decline your registration or ban you based on these terms & conditions

Effective immediate from 8Mar2023: MOF is an AMATEUR football competition organizer and as such we have stringent rules pertaining to current and former semi pro and pro players, i.e. Illegal Players. As past months have seen a rise in them in our leagues, we will be revising our rules to ban such illegal players, with illegal players being defined as “any pro or semi pro player currently OR IN THE LAST 24 months engaged at semi pro or pro status”. If caught the team managers will be fined. Repeat offences will cause the teams to be banned.


– What do you do now? Meet our 4 incident-free qualifying friendlies first! We kick off with every 6 qualified teams who are ready to register formally. Send your team members all the above information, and when ready, msg 98403782 (WhatsApp only) or just click, If you already have an official MOF chat group with us, please use that instead.

– Finally, we know many many teams wish to play, but wish to play at a time and location you prefer for every game. That is simply impossible, because all teams have preferences and you need to compromise. In addition, this year 2022 has much limited supply of fields. If our system and terms & conditions do not work for you, we fully respect that, and you do not have to join. But please do not message your unhappiness and demands for us to change the above to meet your demands. We have to take a total view and compromise across all teams, TQ!

Leisure Teams Interested in next League Leisure 2T League Sunday Div J

—> met 4-incident-free games  criterion

  1. FC Legacy (11am, preferred regions: 1st: (East/Central/North-East), 2nd: North, 3rd: North west/west)
  2. HBFC (11am  preferred regions: (north/  north-east/ north-west, East/Central/North-East )
  3. FC Hermandad (11am or 1 pm,preferred regions: 1st: North, 2nd: (East/Central/North-East), 3rd: North west/west)
  4. Euphoric FC (Preferred timing: 11am & 1pm, Preferred Regions: (East/Central/North-East) , North)
  5. Toa Payoh United (Preferred timing: 1pm, Preferred Regions: (1st: East/Central/North-East) , 2nd: North, 3rd: North West/West )

—> yet to meet 4-incident-free games criterion (depending on results, may or may not remain in leisure category)

  1. Lits United (11am, preferred regions: 1st: (East/Central/North-East), 2nd: North, 3rd: North west/west

Minor Teams Interested in Minor 2T Div V

—> met 4-incident-free games criterion

  1. Central Park FC (preferred timing: Sunday 11am/1pm, Preferred Regions: 1) East/Central/North-East 2) North 3) North West/West)
  2. Westo FC (preferred timing: 11a,/1pm, Preferred Regions: (North-West/West), North))
  3. KangKong FC (preferred timing is 1pm, (east/central/north-east) , north, (North west/west)
  4. Off The Bench (preferred timing is 11am,  (North west/west), north,(east/central/north-east)

—> yet to meet 4-incident-free games criterion (depending on results, may or may not remain in minor category)

  1. Triple X (preferred timing is 11am/1pm, preferred regions: preferred regions: (North/central/north-east) ,(North) , (Central, north-east/ north-west)*** to meet 4 friendlies criterion

Major or Strong Minor Teams Interested

—> met 4-incident-free games criterion

  1. Namdai FC (Preferred timing: 11am ,Preferred Regions: North-West/West),East/Central/North-East
  2. RTG FC (preferred location: 1st : northeast/east/central 2nd : north 3rd: Northwest / west preferred time 11am, 1pm)
  3. RSVR (Preferred timing: 11am/1pm ,Preferred Regions: East/Central/North-East, NorthNorth-West/West),
  4. Hope FC (Preferred timing: 1pm ,Preferred Regions: North-West/West, North, East/Central/North-East)

—> yet to meet 4-incident-free games criterion


Explanation of Leisure,Minor,Major,Super Teams in Singapore…

WHY and HOW does MOF categorize every team into Leisure, Minor, Major,Super categories?

  For YOU and YOUR TEAM’s playing pleasure, we at MOF monitor the football scene in Singapore very very carefully – from social recreational, to social competitive, to semi-professional, to professional! We classify all teams as Leisure, Minor, Major, Super. As far as possible, you should play against a team at your level. OR you can request for a higher level team to test yourselves. Do take note though: due to changes in manpower week to week, the standard of some teams can fall or rise – we will do our best to match you close but cannot guarantee, sorry!

But what do they mean, you ask? The below will explain some. To be sure, play our friendlies with our existing leagues or friendly teams so we can test our your level!

Leisure: 80 to 90% of all teams in Singapore belong to this category. Such teams can be of any age, and can be new or been playing for a long time (like >10 years), and are made up of a bunch of guys who may play twice a month or up to 3 times a week, without any group play training or fitness  sessions. You come together to embrace your football passion and to execute teamwork through old and new friendship and teammate bonds.  Do note: if you are a group of former or even existing secondary or ‘A’ division or U21 school team players, chances are (unless you guys were champions or near-champions for many years), you should still start off at Leisure level. 

Minor:  about 10% of all teams in Singapore belong to this category. these are semi-competitive teams whose members have been playing together for many years, and whose fitness level are high. They participate fairly regularly in social recreational competitions and while not always well placed (for example: top 5), they are considered experienced footballers.

Major: about 5% of all teams in Singapore belong to this category. these are social/recreational competitive teams whose members have been playing together for many years, and whose fitness level are high, and who have a constant supply of new blood who are passionate and fit and well-experienced in competitions. Players play up 2 to 4  times a week, and participate very regularly in social recreational competitions and are often well placed (for example: top 2). 

Super: teams in this category are made up primarily of former professional or semi-professional players still in the playing prime. These are the best social-recreational-semi-pro mixed teams in Singapore. 

How do we know if you are Leisure or Minor or Major or Super? By comparing your game scores with other similar leisure/minor/major/super teams.

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