Calling all teams who are not ready to commit to a league OR wanting to play some trial friendlies before beginning their MOF journey OR taking a weekend break from league games. We are looking for YOU!! MOF organizes various weekend friendlies to help you with your football journey!We provide field, opponent, referee.    

Please go to to find out what’s available. Or Call / WhatsApp 98403782 NOW to speak to our MOF representative.

The Arena @ Woodleigh Tuesday 17th September 2019, 9 – 11 PM ($240 per team per game) – OPPONENTS AVAILABLE

The Arena @ Woodleigh Tuesday 24th September 2019, 9 – 11 PM ($240 per team per game) – OPPONENTS AVAILABLE

First come first served basis, please Call/whatsapp 98403782 or email

We provide field, referee, opponent.  First to submit all ID documentation and make full payment is awarded the friendly !  (NRIC scan front/back / team mgr name & contact number / team name / jersey colours (home & away 2 colours)

Kindly make payment to: DBS Current Acc Name: Ministry of Football Pte Ltd DBS Current Acc Number: 010-903635-0 MOF Finance/Payment Hotline +65 85769948 and whatsapp to our finance line and email us the transaction receipt. For Funds Transfers, please indicate your TEAM NAME.


We reserve the right to award to the team that makes full payment and provide full ID documents first. Go to this link for the latest available fields !

Please note:

– Payment and NRIC  (both sides) must be submitted before the friendly before we can confirm your team (we have been advised by police authorities to obtain the NRIC of one team manager per team in order to assist the police authorities with identification in the rare event of an altercation. Your NRIC is not stored manually and resides only in the  encrypted whatsapp chat message channel which you have transmitted through, and remains deletable by you or upon request by you through the same whatsapp chat message channel. 

– if your team fails to turn up, you are liable to pay for the other team’s fee

– in the event that your team decides to withdraw from the friendly 48 hours before the scheduled date and time, payment will for the friendly will not be refunded and the forfeiting team is liable to pay for the other team’s fee.

– we have a very strong NO FIGHTING policy and reserve all rights to pass all relevant details and pictures to the police authorities should there be any altercations / verbal abuse towards any player or referee.

– we have a very strong NO SMOKING policy at the venues. Fines and bans will be imposed on players and teams if caught, and if requested, all relevant details and pictures will be passed to the police authorities.

– We reserve the right to award to the team that makes full payment and provide full ID documents first. – In the event of inclement weather (torrential downpour rendering the game not be able to be played/continued)

– payment for the friendly will be refunded in half if the game is played for 40 minutes or less prior to the game being rained off. There will be no refund in the event that the game time exceeds 40 minutes prior to the game being rained off. This refund will take the form of credit held by MOF for the team and can be utilized for future games. However, this credit must be utilized within 6 months.

– photography is complimentary and MOF will always make fullest effort to capture photography of your friendly game. However, in situations of bad weather (DSLR cameras cannot work in wet weather; traffic congestion; unpredictable circumstances etc) photography may not be provided. In the event photography is not provided, as it is complimentary, there is no discounting of the game fee. 

Payment Kindly make payment to using the iBanking website or app: DBS Current Acc Name: MINISTRY OF FOOTBALL PTE LTD DBS Current Acc Number: 010-903635-0 Visit our Facebook Page – a must see ! Email us at or whatsapp/call us at 85769948 too!


PLAY MOF FRIENDLIES REGULARLY WITH US AND BE REWARDED FOR YOUR LOYALTY!!! Friendlies available every week is found at this link (check every week!):

HOW THIS WORKS: For every MOF friendly played, your team gets ONE point. For every WIN, your team gets an additional TWO points. That’s 3 points if you manage to secure a victory in one friendly game!


• 15 points accumulated: $5 off your next friendly game (one-time utilization)

• 20 points accumulated: $10 off your next friendly game (one-time utilization)

• 35 points accumulated: ONE official S-League Mitre Training Ball (one-time utilization)

*discounts are only applicable to friendly games * Points become null and void if you stop playing friendlies with us for 4 consecutive weekends

No. Team GP W PTS
1 British Exiles FC 3 3 9
2 Sundae Boulevard 2 2 6
3 United4United FC 2 1 4
4 4th Division Jaguars 1 1 3
5 Billy FC 1 1 3
6 Arsenal Fans SG 1 1 3
7 Keppel Bay FC 1 1 3
8 Bella Calcio FC 1 0 1
9 Bersatu FA 1 0 1
10 EUnited 1 0 1
11 McBee FC 1 0 1
12 Gunners FC 1 0 1
13 G-Unit 1 0 1
14 WT FC 1 0 1
15 TMFF 1 0 1
16 Sphere FC 1 0 1

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