Major, Minor, Leisure Leagues: something to suit you!

Major, Minor, Leisure Leagues: they are all here!  Find an experience/difficulty level that suits you and your team! Major holiday long weekend block offs, postponements, full photography – to ensure an easy playing time in a great league experience!

Our Major Leagues has cash prizes/trophies/medals. Our most competitive League with 18 matches. 

Our Minor Leagues has trophies/medals and are targeted towards teams who have played together for a short period, and want to try out competing in a more casual setting. Trophies/medals on offer and you play with 15 matches.

Our Leisure League is targeted towards those teams who have just come together, and still learning the play as a team. Trophies/medals on offer and you play with 15 matches.

Our Leisure League2T is targeted towards those teams who may have are time-strapped, or very casual players, from youth to veterans. You play every 2 weeks, and full fixtures, cash prizes, medals, trophies and you play with 10 matches.

MOF offers the greatest grassroots football league experience in Singapore where you meet new and different teams every season as part of our ever-growing community!  Email us at or whatsapp us at 85769948 to find out more!