Leisure 2T League Sunday Division H Full Fixtures List


  • Timing and Location of fixtures will be confirmed 9 days before the date of the fixture which will be published on your respective team manager logins.
  • Full Fixtures List is subject to further change depending on addition of teams (max 6 teams in the division) as well as Rainoffs rendering the rescheduling of games.
  • No Postponements allowed as full fixture schedule is provided in advance.


*Royal Pheonix FC is banned from all MOF Leagues & Activities because of hotline abuse.

** Not all Venues and time have been indicated. Once fields are released and venues/time confirmed, they will be indicated below, OR in the Manager Login.


29 May 2022 
Ular FC (Blue) vs Castilla FC (Gray)

1:00 PM Beatty Secondary School Field

12 Jun 2022
Castilla FC vs Central Warriors
Yew Creation FC vs Ular FC

26 Jun 2022
Central Warriors vs Ular FC
Yew Creation vs Castilla FC

10-Jul-2022 (Sun) – games postponed due to Hari Raya Haiji long weekend

17 July 2022
Andernese FC vs Yew Creation

24 July 2022
Andernese FC vs Castilla FC

14 Aug 2022
Andernese FC vs Ular FC


Pre-COVID fixtures (please ignore):

15th December 2019

Central Warriors vs Andernese FC

Royal Phoenix FC vs Yew Creation

29th December 2019

Yew Creation vs Central Warriors

Andernese FC vs Royal Phoenix FC

12th January 2020

Ular FC vs Andernese FC

Royal Phoenix FC vs Central Warriors

Castilla FC vs Yew Creation

9th February 2020

Yew Creation vs Andernese FC

Royal Phoenix FC vs Ular FC

Central Warriors vs Castilla FC 

23rd February 2020

Ular FC vs Central Warriors

Yew Creation vs Royal Phoenix FC

Castilla FC vs Andernese FC

8th March 2020

Ular FC vs Yew Creation

Royal Phoenix FC vs Castilla FC

Andernese FC vs Central Warriors

22nd March 2020

Castilla FC vs Ular FC

Royal Phoenix FC vs Andernese FC

Central Warriors vs Yew Creation

<No games between 23rd April to 24th May for the month of Ramadan for those teams with majority observing Ramadan month>

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