MOF Football Courses for Youth & Adults (Kovan & Yishun venues)

MOF Football Courses for Youth & Adults Age 18 and above (Kovan & Yishun Venues)

How about some Football Skills Training by Certified Coaches? How about playing in a proper football league? Lessons are conducted weekly at Kovan and Yishun fully sheltered areans:

SUNDAYS | 9 TO 11 AM |  KOVAN SPORTS CENTER  60 Hougang Street 21 Singapore 538738 [ 5 minute walk from Kovan Station (NEL) | Refer to directions at bottom ]

SUNDAYS | 5 TO 7 PM |  Futsal Arena @ YISHUN 32 Yishun Central 1 Singapore 768809 [ 5 minute walk from Yishun Station (RED Line) | Refer to directions at bottom ]

Price: $320 for 8 sessions. Minimum participation: 12 persons (Contact us to find out more!)

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Football Skills Training by Certified Coaches:

Overall Objective: Program is designed specifically to help new footballers students build a solid foundation of skills. Students learn to juggle, dribble, turn, pass, receive, and shoot the ball through engaging activities, drills and games. Students must demonstrate good mastery of the ball with both feet in order to move to the next level of our programs. Both men and women, boys and girls can play together – gender equality is emphasized.

Description of each session:

Dribbling & Agility: Key Coaching Points: – Change of direction – Think ahead – Cooperation – Agility – Fun – Dribble with head up – Dribbling and changing direction and speed. – Use all surfaces of both feet– Keep the ball at a controllable distance.

Ball Control & Turning. Key Coaching Points: – Change of direction – Think ahead – Turning & Change of speed – Ball Control – Fun – Dribble with head up – Turning and changing of direction and speed. – Use all surfaces of the foot – Keep the ball at a controllable distance. – Head up and turn away from pressure – Change of direction & speed. – Think ahead and find space – Agility – Fun  – Summation of all challenges for the players. Stay out of their way and let them play.

Passing.: Key Coaching Points: – Change of direction – Think ahead – Turning & Change of speed – Ball Control – Fun -The coach can incorporate the ball so players have more of a challenge. – Alert and on your toes. – Pass with Inside of the foot and be aware of your positioning of your non – kicking foot. – Strong ankle and hit through the middle of the ball to keep low. – Use both feet & go to the ball. – Head up and communicate – Non kicking foot placement – Inside of the foot and hit through the middle of the ball – Receiving touch to find next goal – Accuracy of over power -Summation of all challenges for the players. Stay out of their way and let them play.

Receiving The Ball: Key Coaching Points: – Relax and be confident- Keep your eyes on the ball.  – Move to get behind and in line with the ball. – Alert and on your toes. – Select the controlling surface early and bring it in line with the ball. – Cushion the ball and play it back accurately to the feeder. – Use both feet & thighs and go to the ball. – Alert & lose your marker to create space. – Call for the ball . – Select the controlling surface early and bring it in line with the ball. – Use all surfaces of your body except your hands – Summation of all challenges for the players. Stay out of their way and let them play.

Tournament Examples: Use the “small-sided” strategy (preferably 5v5 or 7v7 for 3-5), to encourage physical activity and inclusion

Round-Robin Tournament: All teams take turns playing each other. After each 5-10 minute game and corresponding break, each team will play a new opponent. Coach-mentors should learn team names for the day and emphasize the importance of being part of a team, learning the game, and having fun.

Dutch-Style Tournament: Coach-mentors randomly assign players to a team for every game. Make the random assignment of players into an activity (See To Create Groups Randomly, p. 17).

Line Soccer: Create two teams. Teams stand on opposite sidelines of the field. Players on each team are given a number (Team A – 1, 2, 3, etc., and Team B – 1, 2, 3, etc.). Each team is assigned a goal to attack and defend. The coach calls out a number (“2!”), throws a ball onto the field, and the #2s from each team run onto the field to play 1v1 and try to score a goal. Gradually increase the number of players being called (“3 and 4!”, “1, 2, 3, and 4!”) until all players are playing. Allow the players to continue as a full game until the break time.


Specialized Youth Goalkeepers Programme:

Overall Objective: The Specialized Youth Goalkeepers Programme is designed specifically to improve your skills as a goalkeeper. The one-hour clinic focuses the mechanics of goalkeeping to improve your ability to keep the ball out of the net.

Programme Description: The purpose of this curriculum is to establish a foundation. All goalkeepers will develop at different rates, but the following curriculum will provide the optimum platform to reach his maximum potential. The goalkeeper plays a highly specialized position and requires a unique skill-set different from the outfield players. There are four (4) areas of concentration for goalkeepers to master in order to excel in the position. They must be proficient technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically. In order to work on these areas, a specific goalkeeper training environment needs to be established. In addition to specific goalkeeper training, the goalkeeper must be integrated in the daily team training (match related scenarios) which will assist in the development of the goalkeeper’s skill-set. Tendencies, habits, cohesiveness, etc are also established with the outfield players through daily team training.

Description of each session:

TECHNICAL: The Goalkeeper must master the technical skills required for the position through quality training, repetition, and effective coaching. Like outfield players, the goalkeeper needs these variables in a controlled environment (goalkeeper training) to master his technical skills. Technical areas of concentration are:  • Footwork  • Set Position  • Catching   • Diving   • Crosses • Distribution

TACTICAL Two main areas that encompass “tactics” in regards togoalkeeping are: • Decision Making • Command of the Penalty Area

Decision Making – Decisions need to be made in a split second without hesitation. Making a wrong decision more often than not results in goals being scored as the goalkeeper is the last line of defense.

Command of Penalty Area – The goalkeeper is the “leader” and “eyes” of the team as the entire field (your team, opposing team, and ball) are all in front of the goalkeeper. He can evaluate and “control” situations with proper communication that will eliminate many potential dangerous situations. Two (2) key factors of communication are: • Tone/Voice – Strong, loud, concise and decisive instructions given to teammates. • Types of Commands

PHYSICAL: The goalkeeper clearly is a different type of athlete compared to the outfield players. He runs far less distances and covers a much shorter area of the field compared to the outfield players. The goalkeeper must possess quick reflexes, be very agile and rely on explosive movements to do his job effectively. In addition to these attributes, he must train his body to endure the “beating” from shot stopping, diving, collisions, and crosses. Lastly, the height of the goalkeeper is a factor due to the dimensions of the goal. When evaluating youth goalkeepers, you must consider the “growth potential” of a player and think about the following: • Current attributes – height, weight, coordination, athleticism, etc. • Is the goalkeeper one of the youngest on the team for his age group? Does he need more time to mature?  • Teenage years – Has the goalkeeper hit puberty yet? Is he still growing into his body? Is his coordination poor due to “growing pains”?

PSYCHOLOGICAL The goalkeeper position is a very isolated and lonely spot on the field. The majority of the game is spent by himself observing what is going on and not being involved very much with the run of play. The time the goalkeeper is involved usually is the difference between a goal being scored or not. If mistakes are made by the goalkeeper, they are magnified 11 as his errors usually result in goals. The goalkeeper needs to deal with these stressful situations with composure and confidence. Characteristics of a successful goalkeeper consist of: • Motivation – Desire to play the position • Confidence – Self-belief and faith in your ability to excel • Leadership – Manage and guide the team • Concentration – Eliminate distractions and focus on task. Staying focused during long periods of no physical action • Positive Outlook – Forget mistakes, recover quickly, and move on within the game and the next games • Courage/Bravery – Disregard for bodily harm to save ball (dive at feet, collisions, etc) • Competitive – Striving each day to win every activity (training exercise, small sided game, 11v11 game, league game, tournament, etc)




32 Yishun Central 1 Singapore 768809

MRT: YISHUN STATION (RED LINE) – 5 minutes walk!


(please refer to map below)



• Via CTE: Take CTE and Seletar West Link and turn left to Yishun Ave 1. Turn right onto Yishun Ave 6 and Continue to Yishun Ave 11. Drive to Yishun Central 1

• Via SLE: Take Exit 3 from SLE and continue on Lentor Ave. Take Yishun Ave 2 and continue to Yishun Central 1

• Via Sembawang Road: Continue on Sembawang Road. Take Yishun Ave 5 to Yishun Central 1



BUSES: 80, 81, 82, 101, 107, 107M, 112, 113, 136, 153 (please refer to map below)



  • Via KPE: Take Exit 5 to merge onto Upper Paya Lebar Road. Turn right onto Upper Serangoon Road. Turn right onto Hougang Street 21
  • Via PIE: Take Exit 9 toward Eunos Link. Continue onto Hougang Ave 3. Turn left onto Lor Ah Soo. Turn right onto Hougang Ave 1. Turn left onto Hougang Street 21
  • Via Upper Serangoon Viaduct: Continue onto Upper Serangoon Road. Turn right onto Hougang Street 21


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