MOF 2017/2018 Leagues Points Tables

Minor League Saturday Div E

1Barragudas FC (CHAMPIONS)15123060223839
2Sol Naciente CF1583444331127
3Bella Calcio FC155463741-419
4Evo XI155373343-1018
5Toon Army SG1541103352-1913
6Schwarz Alliance FC1532102844-1611

Minor League Saturday Div F

1Sol Naciente CF860228181018
2EZ United852129111817
3Hougang Blackz95222823517
4Nalo FC82241929-108
5La Rapidos80351523-83
6White Knights5014823-151


Major League Saturday Season 9 Division 1

1Cosmos Santos55003172415
2Mexican Aces54012772012
3Kirah Rovers74032623312
4Barragudas FC320115786
5Team Bombay Sapphire210124-23
6Woodlanderz FC2101513-83
7Black Rose United61051227-153
8Adelante Rovers5005531-260

Leisure League Sunday Div C

1Marine Devils1072144182623
3S-Force FC104152619713
5Bolas de Fuegos7106928-193

Leisure 2T League Sunday Div A

2Pakiyoko FC320112576
3Jagun Jagun FC3102714-73
4Dank FC3003419-150

Minor League Sunday Div I

1Oners FC1010006295330
2FC Goguryo1062235161920
3Maoists FC852125111417
4Tampines Rangers113172625110
5FC Legacy111381543-286
6PES E United7007566-610

Minor League Sunday Div J

2Morka Hastar1156033181521
3Towner Rovers116323324921
5FC SharX82152327-47

Marine Devils and Santos de Futbol both deducted 1 point each for improper and violent conduct during their game on 16th July.

Major League Sunday Season 11 Division I

1Al Enkelt Calcio (CHAMPIONS)15113145252036
3Seletar Celtic156364036421
4Brozz F.A156273541-620
5Streetrival FC154383237-515
6Galatas LP151014850-423

Athletico CF is banned from MOF Leagues for violence and aggression.

All remaining results against Galatas LP considered a 3-0 walkover in favour of opponents that would have played them in those games, after Galatas LP’s withdrawal from the division.

Major League Sunday Season 11 Division II

1Esperado FC (CHAMPIONS)18142266333344
2Las United18133286365042
3Biasa Biasa18113437221536
4Rejects FC18102660441632
5Industmarine Football187475648825
6Dream On FC188194363-2025
7Top 111852114261-1917
8Le Freakz1833124274-3212
9Tuas FC1842122959-3011*
10Blackrose Rovers1832133166-3511

Tuas FC deducted 3 points for improper conduct towards the referee during the game against Rejects FC on 23rd July.

Result between Rejects FC and Tuas FC on 23rd July 2017 reversed owing to fielding of ineligible player by Rejects FC.

Tuas FC have been expelled from MOF Leagues for repeated violent conduct, all previous results against them remain standing and all remaining games against are considered as walkovers with a 3-0 win awarded to the teams that would have played them in those games.

Major League Sunday Season 11 Division III

1Warner Bros Football Klub (CHAMPIONS)18104451262534
2Kamikaze MMXV Rangers1810353829933
3FM Estados189455757031
4Wolfpack FC187474940925
5Bishane Pak185853841-323
6Winthrop FC187294450-623
7Uefalona FC1862104360-1720
8Renegades FC187475050020*
9Bedok Youth Soccerites184683941-218
1092 FC184593851-1317

Renegades FC deducted 5 points for violent conduct during and after the game against Kamikaze MMXV Rangers on 9th July.

Major League Sunday Division A

1Team Titans (CHAMPIONS)1282246202626
2JOGI LOW1271451282322
3Eagle Sports Club127053333021
4Predators FC125342622418
5Kings FC125162733-616
6Chillax FC1251638251315*
7Mario FC1210112280-583

Chillax FC deducted 1 point for improper conduct during the game against Predator FC on 12th November.

Result between Eagle Sports Club and JOGI LOW on 19th November 2017 reversed owing to fielding of ineligible player by JOGI LOW.

Major League Sunday Season 12 Division II

1JAWS SC4310146810
2Biasa Biasa6312109110
3Riverkwai FC530213679
4Gymkhana Eagles320179-26
5JOGI LOW21103214
6Kamikaze MMXV Rangers51041014-43
7Predator FC3102510-53
8Ivory Toast4013814-61

Major League Sunday Season 12 Division III

1FC Henosis64201871114
2Top 11731326131310
392 FC73131816210
4PBS Moricco4220131128
5Bishane Pak62221214-28
6Winthrop FC52031214-26
7Valor FC5005731-240
9Wolfpack FC00000000