MOF 2018/2019 Leagues Points Tables

Leisure 2T League Saturday Div A

1Liverpool FC SG (CHAMPIONS)1090150123827
2Gongjiao FC1043331211015
3Higashigawa FC104242425-114
4Pura Cendana FC101541225-138
5Woodgrove YEC101541731-148
6West Fuerza101541433-188

Leisure 2T League Saturday Div B

1Back Up FC641123131013
2Nearly FC6411137613
3SINDA Lions B73041617-19
4Huracan FC6222161518
5Newcastle United FC SG72141822-47
6Black Halcòns40131123-121

Minor League Saturday Div H

1Naughty Devils11101052163631
3Team AC Fate83051730-139
4Sengkang Rangers7214272617
5Red Indians72141924-57
6Evo XI92162033-137

Result between Red Indians vs Stallion Rangers on 17th March 2018 overturned owing to fielding of red-carded players by Stallion Rangers.

Major League Saturday Season 10 Division 1

1Mexican Aces862042162620
2Sol Naciente CF104333037-715
3Woodlanderz FC93512929014
4Kirah Rovers71242225-35
5Team Jubilee80261229-172

Leisure League Sunday Div D

2Marine Devils126332721621
4FC Infinite124172037-1713
5S-Force FC122281329-168

Leisure 2T League Sunday Div A

1#JustPlayFootball_Lah (CHAMPIONS)10100046133330
2Pakiyoko FC1071239192022
3Central Warriors104153123813
4Jagun Jagun FC104062436-1212
5Dank FC103071741-249

Leisure 2T League Sunday Div B

1Westsiders FC843133141915
2Soccer Sonix743027121515
3Pakiyoko FC6411179813
4Titans Rampage FC94141625-913
5Cheeken Reus81251336-235
6FC Maestros81072535-103

Leisure 2T League Sunday Div C

1Central Warriors3300212179
2Dank FC32018716
4S-Force FC100113-20

Minor League Sunday Div L

1Towner Rovers (CHAMPIONS)1583455361927
2FC Goguryo158344435927
3Maoists FC157173434022
4Tampines Rangers155643137-621
5Team West Siberians155465041919
6FC Sharx15311130603010

Minor League Sunday Div M

1Morka Hastar1061334181619
2Gryphons FC75111810816
3Euphoric FC115061825-715
4Bella Calcio FC84041714312
5Syobsesuj FC93061623-79
6Los Jovenes FC93061326-139

Minor League Sunday Div N

1FC Sharx22008536
2Maoists FC22006336
3FC Goguryo210110373
5FC Clasico100135-20
67 Angelz Jr FC2002211-90

Major League Sunday Season 12 Division II

1Brozz F.A (CHAMPIONS)16121360322837
2JAWS SC16112353233035
3JOGI LOW16111471363534
4Biasa Biasa168443629728
5Gymkhana Eagles165473856-1819
6Riverkwai FC1651103959-2016
7Predator FC164483960-2116
8Kamikaze MMXV Rangers1632113747-1011
9Ivory Toast1631123263-3110

Result between Brozz F.A and Gymkhana Eagles on 28th January 2018 overturned owing to fielding of  ineligible by Brozz F.A.

Gymkhana Eagles have been expelled from MOF Leagues for non-payment of game fees, all previous results against them remain standing and all remaining games against them are considered as walkovers with a 3-0 win awarded to the teams that would have played them in those games.

Major League Sunday Season 12 Division III

1K1K (CHAMPIONS)16141160243642*
2PBS Moricco1694364323231
3Wolfpack FC1693460283230
4FC Henosis168353232027
5Bishane Pak166372939-1021
692 FC166283943-420
7Top 111653843331018
8Winthrop FC1651103148-1716
9Valor FC1600161791-740

K1K deducted 1 point for violent conduct during the game against FC Henosis on 11th February 2018.

Result between Winthrop FC and FC Henosis on 18th March 2018 overturned owing to fielding of  red-carded player by FC Henosis.

Major League Sunday Season 13 Division I

1Al Enkelt Calcio980134151924
2Las United760123111218
3JOGI LOW116053125618
4Biasa Biasa93241820-211
7PBS Moricco82151832-147
8JAWS SC62041220-86

Result between JOGI LOW and Las United on 2nd September 2018 reversed owing to fielding of ineligible player by JOGI LOW.

Major League Sunday Season 13 Division II

1Kamikaze MMXV Rangers1493239271230
2Pineapple Tarts CF1410044236630
3Wolfpack FC1280436251124
492 FC137333325824
5Home Boys SA105143530516
6Top 11144373136-515
7Keppel South FC144283339-614
87 Angelz FC73222720711
9J.K.O FC122192339-167
10Bishane Pak1421111941-227

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