MOF 2016/2017 Leagues Points Tables

SG BPL Fan Club League (2016/2017)

1United 4 United (CHAMPIONS)1081150133725
2Liverpool FC SG1080246133324
3Newcastle United FC SG1071232141822
4Chelsea FC SG102261836-188
5Arsenal SG102171635-197
6SG Everton SC100191162-511

Minor League Saturday Div C

1Bella Calcio FC (CHAMPIONS)15102357391832
2Northtech FC159065042827
3Angel Warriors158254435926
4Zeuxis FC157263935423
5Scorpione FC1540112746-1912
6Sol Naciente CF1540113756-1912

Scorpione FC is banned from MOF Leagues due to unpaid game fees.

Minor League Saturday Div D

1Black Rose United (CHAMPIONS)12110186246133
2White Knights FC1281357372025
4Mario FC124084443112
5Young Guns1210111588-733

Minor League Saturday Div E

1Barragudas FC44001551012
2Sol Naciente CF32019546
3Bella Calcio FC22006336
4Schwarz Alliance FC4103910-13
5Evo XI3102612-63
6Toon Army SG4004717-100

Major League Saturday Season 8 Division 1

1Braca Vita (CHAMPIONS)14140095286742
2Jotos FC1480648371124
3Magista FC1471645321322
4Kirah Rovers146263644-820
5Buraq FC145183050-2016
6PFC Singapore1400142087-670

Sunday Cup 2017 Group A

2Galatas LP32016426
3Streetrival FC3201121206
4Dream On FC3003611-50

Sunday Cup 2017 Group B

1Inglourious CF32019546
2Athletico CF32016426
3Kilimanjaro FC310258-33
4Esperado FC310259-43

Leisure League Sunday Div B

2Galloping Gazelles84041918112
3South Bridge United82151420-67
4Stallion Rangers72141928-97

District FC is banned from MOF Leagues due to unpaid game fees, and vulgar verbal abuse to MOF hotlines.

All previous results against District FC are considered null and void following their expulsion from the league due to unpaid game fees.

Minor League Sunday Div E

1Tuas FC (CHAMPIONS)12110170274333
2Santos de Futbol1280454351924
3Los Rangers126153345-1219
4Le Masial124173744-713
5Green Turtles FC1200121457-430

Result between Tuas FC and Los Rangers on 19th March 2017 reversed owing to fielding of ineligible player by Tuas FC.

Minor League Sunday Div F

1Chillax FC1281341231825
2Passionate Lads1181240231725
3Towner Rovers84222518714
4Fantasista FC113172340-1710

Minor League Sunday Div G

1FC Gogooryo1181236191725
2Tampines Rangers870141132821
3Purple Monkeys FC (Social)942344232114
4Trump FC93152023-310
5FC Legacy72051020-106
6Woodlands Origin FC8008558-530

Minor League Sunday Div H

1FC Henosis75202216617
2Morka Hastar6303161609
3Marine Devils6222181628
4Etalon Noir FC6213141317
5Santos de Futbol5014918-91

Major League Sunday Season 10 Division II

1Al Enkelt Calcio (CHAMPIONS)22184087256258
2Galatas LP22154386365049
3Seletar Celtic221246110773340
4Granchio Rosso22121974631137
5JAWS SC22106660431736
7Legends FC229588881732
8Fazy Wazy FC22102105974-1530*
9Admiralz FC2260164687-4118
10Top 112245134484-4017
11First Touch FC22451359118-5917
12Innova 092222183781-448

Fazy Wazy FC deducted 2 points for failure to control player’s improper and uncouth behaviour during the game on 1st January.

Major League Sunday Season 10 Division III

1Athletico CF (CHAMPIONS)22201180344661
2Brozz F.A22153484473748
3Soccer Sonix22142679344544
4TPY Rangers22126477572042
5Industmarine Football22132784453941
6Dream On FC22113879661336
7FC Genesis2273125262-1024
8Winthrop FC2273124253-1124
9FC Henosis2271144465-2122
10Gambas Pirates CF2255125096-4619*
11Trump FC2223174091-519
12FM Estados22301946110-649

Gambas Pirates CF deducted 1 point for improper conduct towards the match official.

Result between FC Genesis and Brozz F.A on 2nd October 2016 reversed owing to fielding of ineligible player by Brozz F.A.

Major League Sunday Season 10 Division IV

1Arima Singapura (CHAMPIONS)221633100356550*
2Riverkwai FC22145381493247
3Las United22144493553846
4Biasa Biasa22133656362042
5Blackrose Rovers2210576457735
6Kings FC2210485851734
792 FC229585051-132
8Kamikaze MMXV Rangers2291125569-1428
9Bishane Pak2264124966-1722
11The Rookies2233163992-5312
12FC Legacy2231182782-5510

Arima Singapura deducted 1 point for failure to control player’s improper and uncouth behaviour during the game on 22nd January.

Major League Sunday Season 10 Division V

1Streetrival FC (CHAMPIONS)87102481622
2Le Freakz86022391418
3Tampines Rangers84132316713
4FC SharX82061627-116
5Etalon Noir FC80081238-260

All previous results against FC Centaurz considered null and void owing to their expulsion for violent conduct.

Major League Sunday Season 11 Division I

2Al Enkelt Calcio6510178916
3Seletar Celtic62131718-17
4Streetrival FC82151825-77
5Brozz F.A61141221-94
6Galatas LP300319-80

Athletico CF is banned from MOF Leagues for violence and aggression.

Major League Sunday Season 11 Division II

1Las United972046163023
2Rejects FC1071235221322
3Industmarine Football852129171217
4Esperado FC750225151015
5Biasa Biasa84221711614
6Dream On FC94052633-712
7Top 11102172542-177
8Tuas FC5203171526
9Blackrose Rovers6006526-210
10Le Freakz80081038-280

Major League Sunday Season 11 Division III

1Warna Bros Football Klub1272339211823
2Kamikaze MMXV Rangers116232617920
3FM Estados115333437-318
492 FC104422823516
5Wolfpack FC94232619714
6Uefalona FC124172743-1613
7Renegades FC93332425-112
8Bedok Youth Soccerites93242523211
9Winthrop FC112272538-138
10Bishane Pak81341826-86