MOF 2019/2020 Leagues Points Tables

Minor League Sunday Div T

1Central Park FC532-2271511
2Wakanda City FC11003123
3Team Xtreme41-3513-83
4Euphoric FC3-2167-12
5Le Vasta1001210-80
6Oners FC00000000
7Tanjong Rhu FC00000000

Leisure 2T League Saturday Div I

1Friday League FC11004223
2Iscourt FC100124-20
3AJPL United00000000
4EVG Protectors00000000
5Los Catrachos00000000

Leisure 2T League Saturday Div H

1Red Indians320112936
2Nearly FC42029906
3Kambing Kings3111111014
4Iguanas FC11008353
5Santos de Futbol31-2612-63
6Aetius United2-1136-31

Leisure 2T League Saturday Div G

1EVG Protectors98-129141524
2Ben Dover FC96123224819
3CK Warriors75-22481615
4United4United FC82152225-37
5West Coast United102082337-146
6Eagles United71061134-233

Leisure 2T League Saturday Div F

1Banana Slugs981047103725
2Kratos FC1072137132423
3Bolas de Fuegos104151922-313
4Oldham FC92162023-37
5Blackpack FC101451537-227
6MAE FC102171245-337

Major League Sunday Division B

2Singa Boyz43-1191189
3Gryphons FC3--3512-70
4Bishane Pak2--2114-130


Leisure 2T League Sunday Div H

1Yew Creation3210155107
2Andernese FC3201185136
3Ular FC11005323
4Central Warriors31-2912-33
5Castilla FC10101101
6Royal Phoenix FC3--3224-220

Leisure 2T League Sunday Div G

1Ace Galaxy97113682822
2Kaki Bola95-439261315
3P'Krianz FC85-328151315
4Avengers FC83142114710
5G-Rounders FC83-52030-109
6Synergy FC81-71162-513

Leisure 2T League Sunday Div F

1Soccer Sonix98-14183324
2Westsiders FC971140172322
3Le Vasta1071237241322
4Coup de Grace102172142-217
5Wengerforever FC102082239-176
6Mighty Elephants101181748-314

Minor League Sunday Div S

1Biasa Biasa (CHAMPIONS)15131165234240
2Wakanda City FC15120358213736
3Tanjong Rhu FC156183841-319
4After1 FC155372228-618
5Maoists FC155192940-1116
6FC Sharx1512122275-535

Minor League Saturday Div I

1Aetius United (CHAMPIONS)1280439192023*
2Sengkang Rangers1281330191121*
3Red Indians124263228414
4Ni Ichi San124172846-1813
5Evo XI123271837-1911

Sengkang Rangers deducted 1 point for improper and violent conduct during game against Aetius United on 9th February 2019.

Sengkang Rangers deducted 3 points for improper and violent conduct during game against Aetius United on 27th April 2019.

Aetius United deducted 1 point for improper conduct during game against Sengkang Rangers on 27th April 2019.

Result between Red Indians vs Sengkang Rangers on 11th May 2019 overturned owing to fielding of player already fielded by Evo XI previously in the same division.

Leisure 2T League Saturday Div E

1Team Med (CHAMPIONS)108116075325
2AJPL United1071256154122
3Blue Team FC104062825312
5Defu Sharks104063137-612
6Antelopes FC102081095-856

Major League Sunday Season 15 Division A

1Granchio (CHAMPIONS)1292143192429
2Gryphons FC1272336211523
3Yoshiko FT1263337201721
4Top 11126243025520
5Bishane Pak124172231-913
6Kamikaze MMXV Rangers123091738-219
7East Wanderers1220101854-366

Result between East Wanderers vs Yoshiko FT on 27th October 2019 overturned owing to fielding of red-carded players by Yoshiko FT.

Result between Bishane Pak vs Yoshiko FT on 27th October 2019 overturned owing to fielding of red-carded players by Yoshiko FT.

Major League Sunday Season 14 Division II

1Top 11 (CHAMPIONS)14101339231631
2Gryphons FC1493243222130
3Westsiders FC1473447361124
4Biasa Biasa146533023723
5JAWS SC146264740720
6Keppel Bay FC145093648-1215
7United FC143293736-1911
892 FC1412112258-365

Minor League Sunday Div R

1Central Park FC (CHAMPIONS)1584342231928
2Bedok Youth Soccerites1583448222627
3Anfield Warriors157533526926
4Andernese FC156453434022
5Euphoric FC154292647-2114
6Bukit Tunggal FC1530121248-369

Minor League Sunday Div Q

1Laggau FC (CHAMPIONS)15122170115938
2Oners FC15122169115838
3After1 FC156362930-121
4Team Xtreme155193266-3416
6FC Goguryo1513112369-466

Minor League Sunday Div P

1Euphoric FC (CHAMPIONS)15103252223033
2Maoists FC1594242241831
3Santos De Futbol159244839929
4Syobsesuj FC158074740724
5FC Sharx1522112247-258
6Oldham FC1511131655-394

Leisure 2T League Sunday Div E

1Bobochacha (CHAMPIONS)1090148192927
2Dank FC105233125617
3Avengers FC104242319414
4Central Warriors104242430-614
5Ular FC103252931-211
6G-Rounders FC101091243-313


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