X United Survives Scare From Jubilee SA


A big turnout from both sides would only meant one thing; that both anticipated a tough fight for the game and it was the case when X United hosted Jubilee SA during a late afternoon game.

However, much went the wrong way for the MOF 11s Saturday League Division II leaders Jubilee SA when they found themselves 2 goals behind just after 3 mins. Another pair of goals in the 16th and 27th minutes swept the leaders off their feet. Having not lose a game thus far, the 4 goal lead for the home side was overwhelming and the concentration levels dropped to a low.

A whopping 5-0 was the scoreline when the game went into the break after a 5th was added 8 mins from HT.

Despaired, but not prepared to let go, JSA reorganised during HT and everyone chipped in to encourage the team on. It was, seemingly a different JSA side that marched onto the field, as they prepare for possibly one of the most impossible missions; to avoid defeat.

Anticipating the visiting side to come at them, XUTD took a feet off the accelerator and played to soak the on-coming pressure. It was to be so, as JSA piled on the waves of attacks deep into the XUTD camp. It paid off, as 6 mins later a goal was scored to reduce the deficit to 1-5. 4 mins later it was a penalty in the favour of JSA that brought hope as they now envision a possibility of the task at hand.

The tension rose to high levels when again the stubborn JSA side simply refused to back down in certain defeat as they pulled yet another goal back 5 mins later in the 55th min mark. Score stands at 3-5 and with 25 mins more to go, there was hope and enough time to continue the push.

While much of the action revolved from the JSA initiative, XUTD did have some moments of brilliance of their own during the 2HT. Had it not been due to poor finishing, the game would have been well over for JSA.

Time ticked on, the robust backline, together with the composed XUTD midfield worked in defiance to repel the JSA comeback. And finally, as the darkness of the night threatened to draw the contest to a close, the initial shock, traversed into hope and frustration; became a dejected reality that all was lost. Final whistle blew and the brave JSA fell for the first time this season.

With a few games in hand, XUTD, boosted by this huge and important win over the leaders, will see them work hard to make that climb up and with many teams not yet played, this win spells trouble for them.

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