Sunday Division VII Opening Day – Team Engineering Opens Account

Game Photos

The new MOF 11s Weekend Leagues saw the opening games of the new Division VII being played with the first being MOF 11s Season 5 Cup Round of 16 Qualifiers Team Engineering host veteran team Kent Ridge Rangers.

ENGG started off very brightly with many forays made into the KRR half in the opening minutes of the game. As the game progressed, it became apparent the pressure was exerting on the KRR side. 4 goal hero Siva often troubled the KRR backline, with his ENGG wingers deadly on breaks. ENGG’s Fauzi also got onto the scoresheet with a pair of goals.

While at one point ENGG took a big lead, spraying shots onto the KRR fort, the main weakness of the ENNG team started to show. An evident act of complacency gave in to speedy counter-attacks by the visiting side resulting in several scare and of cause meant a few would have found their way in.

At the tail end of the match, the increased tempo of KRR was looking certain to bear more fruits as the home side spiraled down further in trying to contain them. Had it not been the huge lead taken earlier, the result of the game may have taken a different route. It was the time factor that saved ENGG, concluding the contest 7-5 in favour.

Despite a late scare, the prowess of ENGG did appear to be of worry for many teams in the weeks to come. With this result, ENGG takes 2nd place in the Division while KRR could take comfort in a splendid display of resolve and determination. q

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