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This weekend presents yet another mouth-watering tie at the MOF 11s Season 5 Cup. The action so far has been directed at the first Quarterfinal where Project Vaults FC and Mak Hitam 95 aim to book their spot in the Semi-Finals. The game between these 2 sides, being the 2 Round 3 games being played this weekend, this mysterious but yet anticipated fixture leaves no clue to who will advance to face the defending Champions Happy Feet United in the Quarterfinals.

On one corner of the ring stands Gabrielite Remix FC, a team with a strong heritage formed up by ex-St Gabriel’s SS boys during their secondary school days, plying their trade since they were teenagers in the social scene. Over the many years, GRFC has progressed to be one of the famous local names. The last notable triumph of Remix was their famous victory against SCC Tigers at a 11 Aside Cup tournament. Consistent honours winners in the MOF 11s League albeit finishing behind Youngsterville FC in Season 5, this game meant a must win for any club honours for Season 5.

The other corner stood a relatively unknown team named Team Engineering, formed up by a group of colleagues who congregated once in a few weeks for games during the weekday nights. Their run in the Cup started with a remarkable comeback against a might Marceles Juniors in the 1st round and have since not looked back since.

The disparity of the frequency with which these 2 teams play in the social scene seem to suggest Remix have a slight advantage, but however, this perceived David-vs-Goliath tie may spring surprises when the 2 sides meet later tonight. With little or no knowledge of ENGG, GRFC will be cautious to approach this game but will be reminding themselves to not be complacent in the process.

Watch this space as we bring you the results ! We wish both teams the best !



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