Nautical Draws First Blood In Inaugural Sunshine Cup


MOF 11s Sunshine League Division I leaders Nautical FC took on veteran & Division III side Gloucester Rangers in the opening game of the MOF 11s Sunshine Cup. The first of its kind in the local football scene, the hype was evidently on a high as both teams seek to open accounts in the inaugural knockout competition.

As with all Cup contests; while it offers teams the opportunity to spar with others not in the same Division with themselves, the nature of Cup games often meant anything goes. With the progression to the next round at stake, each contestant would have ploughed in more in that short 80 mins of play.

NAU, being at the summit of the Division I currently, raced to a 3-0 lead within 23 mins. GLO, albeit at the receiving end of things, displayed great enthusiasm and often were not afraid to prowl forward in search of goals at their seemingly stronger opponents. NAU’s #15 completed his hat-trick with 15 mins more to go in the 2HT to make it a resounding victory for the men in blue and a fantastic start to the campaign.

It’s back to the League for GLO but the longstanding guards in the football amateur scene would relish a comeback shoot at next season’s Cup contest, we’re sure.