Drop In Form Allows Tattico FC’s Near Win


Season 2 Division I Champions Mexican Tristars have not enjoyed the supremacy that saw them took the Division I title last season so far in this current season. While a hard fought 2-2 draw with Season 2 Division II Champions Old Boys FC and a 2-1 loss to leaders and serious title contenders Cosmos Santos meant a less than desirable result, TRI since had to make sure that they do not drop points.

Fielding a strong line-up today against Tattico FC, TRI looked determined to grap the 3 points. Possession was mostly in their control. After taking the lead in the 4th min through Shivas, the men in green looked poised and comfortable in the game. However a unforced error at the 35th min mark with the TRI Goalkeeper and Defender missing out on a loose ball, allowing an easy goal for TFC; made it 1-1 for the contest. Credit to TFC’s Didy.

Matters got worse in the 2nd half for TRI, a seemingly unharmless freekick ball was floated into the TRI penalty area from afar, reaching the far post. Missing out the header to clear the ball out, a creeping TFC player Khai took the golden opportunity of the miss to make his effort count. TFC 2-1 it was and drove the TFC camp into jubilant cries of joy.

It was almost all TRI thereafter as they pushed the numbers ahead in search of the equaliser. A number of misses and shots gone wide piled onto the pressure as TFC camped in their half with only two of their team players hovering in the centre of the field.

10 mins from time, from a corner, the relentless forays upfront paid off when TRI’s Madhu scored the equaliser. There were no more goals henceforth.

The game marks a reflection of balance of strength for these 2 sides. TRI has been dominating the scene for a long while. Crowned 3 time Champions in the last 3 seasons, 2 with MOF, the current Division I presents an octet of good teams. With this balance of power and perhaps with the slight dip in form for the reigning Champions, TRI would have to do a lot more to redeem themselves as a serious title challenger.

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