Young Reunite Celebrates Resounding Title Win



Reunite FC, donning the all famous Brazilian top in green throughout the season, rejoiced in their first silverware in the MOF 11s Sunday League by clinching the title in their first attempt. The headturners, since their maiden induction into the last Division of Season 5, Division VII, stormed the Division by winning 11 of their 14 games, in the process only drawing once and losing twice.

That one short period of dip of form, resulting in the 2 losses, did present some scare for the youngsters as closest challengers Lads 13 crept up real close at the tail end of the season. The last game between the 2 sides was scheduled just not too long ago ( a week ), with the victor claiming the title. The affair went REU’s way, as they demolished LAD at home with a 7-1 scoreline, vanquishing all hope for the host to lay claim being first in the Division.

This triumph will prove to send a strong message to the teams in Division IV, where both teams are promoted into now, as they continue to strive for good results against the likes of Sawan Centro, Rainbow Boyanz, AdiBro FC, El Nino, La Serpiente FC and Oeste Lado FC.

Nevertheless it was time for the boys to soak in the jubilant time of celebration for now ! Congratulations Reunite FC !

Victory Ceremony Photos

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