Tug-of-War For Long Time Pair Of Rivals


We lost count of how many times have these 2 teams faced each other in the MOF 11s League. If we were to research into the long history of rivalry between them, the number of games that these 2 sides have played each other would have a huge number.

Toh Guan Krew first joined MOF 11s Weekend Leagues in Season 4, starting right below then, in the lowest Division. On their first attempt, they clinched the Division title. Season 5 in Division II was more of a roller coaster ride for the men in their striking light blue kit as they finished mid table with 5 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses.

Season 5 was also the same season IF:v2 participated in the MOF Sunday League. Inducted into the Division II, they, as like TGK, took the title in their first season with MOF.

Both teams each have their unique strengths, IF:v2 are very much into the stable style of play often complemented with flair by individual players in the squad. TGK plays hard and while their defence could be fragile in the opening moments of their games, they normally fight their way back into the game. This trait of TGK has undoubtedly won them the King of Comebacks as we witnessed a series of TGK results recently. Read : http://ministryoffootball.com.sg/toh-guan-krew-the-comeback-kings/

Fate has it that the pair would meet once again, this time on the platform of the MOF 11s Season 5 Cup as they face off for a spot in the Semi-Finals.

We wait with great anticipation as they clash tomorrow afternoon for bragging rights !


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