The Sunshine Octet

Sunshine Octet

Since MOF restarted its 9 AM Sunshine Season 4 after a season’s break, the set of seven teams grew to its size of 3 full Divisions today in Season 5, thanks to the strong support from the morning-soccer community. This Season’s Sunshine League is by itself an entity of its own. Drawing a composite of teams of many different backgrounds varying from competitive ones to the leisure-seeking ones, we especially found the proceedings in the Division I of the 9 AM Only Sunshine League intriguing and forward-looking.

Comprising of 2 time MOF 11s Sunshine Division Champions Torpedo Rovers FC, the immediate past Champions of the Season 4 Sunshine Division, Rendezvous FC, a newly inducted Nautical FC who has clinched their worth as Champions elsewhere in Singapore and KNV6, who returned to MOF’s Weekend League as former Division IV Champions of the Sunday League, the Division has already has 4 ex-Champions in it. Adding on to the octet we have the 1st Runners-Up of Season 4 Sunshine Division Fajar Youngsters, established West G and Family United FC; as well as newbies Witima FC formed by a group of budding youngsters.

This orbat of 8 teams presents a Season of interest as the recent results have shown.

TRFC, fell at the hands of WES on their opening games, and the latter failed to build on the momentum when they lost 0-1 to NAU. While NAU sits on 2nd currently, their opening win against KNV6 was followed by a thriller when Family United FC triumphed on a 4-3 win. FUFC’s opening win was overshadowed by FAJ when the latter condemned them to a 0-3 thrashing only to return with a combative 5-5 draw with WES, yet another dismal result for WES as they were soundly beaten by NAU by a single the week before.

RFC didn’t have a good time themselves, roller-coasting their campaign with 2 wins and 2 draws and were slumped further when they were recently dumped out of the MOF 11s Season 5 Cup. Although young Witima FC stayed rock bottom, their results were encouraging, losing only by a margin of 2 goals to RFC despite heavier ones against KNV6 and TRFC. KNV6 only recently churned out their first win against WIT, after losing 4 games straight, though by the account of their losses, they were hard fought and perhaps unfortunate on those occasions.

FAJ remains the only team with a perfect run of 2 wins out of 2 thus far. While title hopefuls TRFC can be buoyant about winning 3 straight games after their disappointing opening game loss. The streak of results saw them climb out from the bottom to lead a pack of 7 teams, with only a mere 3 points separating the top 5.

This combination of results, being served up unexpectedly week in week out, can only mean that the title is anyone’s to claim. It may be possibly the hottest contested Division in the short history of MOF 11s Weekend Leagues. We shall witness the proceedings in anticipation !


Sunshine Octet

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