Rendezvous Pay Final Respects To A Fallen Team Mate

RFC Fallen Warrior

Sunshine Division reigning Champions Rendezvous FC, together with their opponents Fajar Youngsters, paid tribute to a fellow team mate Mr Wilson Neo, who lost a 6 week battle to an illness, passed on recently. The teams took a minute of silence before the game which ended 2-1 to FAJ’s favour.

Having formed the team more than a decade ago, the boys from RFC spent more time together than just football over the years and the strong bond between is beyond team-mates in a football team. In their tribute to their team mate, RFC wrote :

“A minute of silence on the pitch today. The lads will play their hearts out for you, all goals scored today will be dedicated to your name. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Thanks for touching our lives. Rest In Peace bro..”

In true spirit of the game, as we strive to respect one another as opponents, we remember and value the presence & friendship of all who are playing alongside; and honour one another with respect.


RFC Fallen Warrior