Penguins Clinch Division I Title


This week’s featured match sees Happy Feet United face Project Vaults FC in a top of the table clash. Being traditional old foes, it is not surprising to see both of these very established teams at this stage of the game.

On the back of a pair of unfortunate draws and a loss, the Golden Eagles would have hoped for a better position to challenge the title before this game. Nevertheless, it was still possible although remotely, they had to make sure that they succeed in gunning down the Penguins this time.

It was however not meant to be as HFU’s #99 Hanafi opened scoring to take the lead in the 30th min. PVFC then took the chance level the score at 1-1 with PVFC’s #9 Shahmeer made his penalty shot count just before HT. HFU went ahead in the 6th min after HT to go 2-1 up, this time the scorer is #28 Susu.

The combative contest went on without any scores for the next 30 mins or so until the Golden Eagles’ #10 Maman headed home to equalise making it 2-2 and with it, a glimpse of hope for PVFC. Fate has it that it wouldn’t be PVFC’s season as 2 mins from time, HFU’s #85 Mahmat slotted home to seal the game at 3-2 to the Penguins; ending the affair and resulting that the defending Champions have successfully retained the crown again this Season.