New Season New Initiatives


The current Season of the MOF 11s Weekend Leagues will see new initiatives introduced to cater the wider needs of our teams.

With the last of the last game of the immediate past Season 5 of the Sunday League, being the Season 5 MOF Cup Final between Cup Holders Happy Feet United and Cup challengers Project Vaults FC, the new MOF 11s Season 6 MOF Cup opens its registrations with its first game kicking off this weekend. This Cup tournament is open to all 11 aside amateur teams in Singapore.

A new edition of the Cup tournament will see MOF 11s Sunshine League teams competing in a 9 AM Only timing MOF 11s Sunshine Cup competition. Registration will be concluding soon. Do register your interests soon.

The final new addition to the MOF 11s Weekend Leagues will see a MOF 11s Champions League being inducted this season. Played out in a Cup format, for now; with the intention of developing into a full league in the new year 2015, the invited teams will include the reigning Champions of the MOF 11s Weekend Leagues : Sunday Leagues’ 7 Division Champions, Saturday Leagues’ 2 Division Champions, the MOF Cup Holders as well as the Sunshine Division Champion.

With the new initiatives out in full gear, we seek to explore new grounds and in the near future, hope to see MOF operate a COMPLETE 11s amateur Weekend League comprising of multiple competition platforms to be supplemented by our current and developing media platforms and of coz not forgetting, one to be concluded ceremonially with an Awards Night that will be second to none.