MOF 2019 Saturday Cup 1 is open for signups!

MOF 2019 Saturday Cup 1 is open for signups!!!

Dear Footballers, We are proud to announce the opening of our registration for the first  2017 MOF Saturday Cup!

Registration is open to ALL including selected existing MOF teams (who have finished/are finishing their current season)!

Time period: 2-3 months depending on weather.

Cup Format: Round Robin followed by Knockout stage

Cup format: round robin group stage (4 teams per group, plays two legs), followed by knockout stages.
(top two teams in the group advances into semi-finals of the sat cup)
(bottom two teams in the group advances into semi finals of silver cup)
*no prize money for silver cup but trophy will be given to champions

Number of teams: 8

Game timings: Saturday 3pm

Price per game per team: $150 (regardless of artificial turf & grass)

Venues: Secondary schools played throughout Singapore (you may state you geographical preference, and we will try to accommodate, but please note it can not be all every game as every team has their preferences, and teams have to meet one another at some point in time)

Type of Surface: mix of both artificial turf (70%) AND natural grass (30%). 

Payment on Registration: $80 registration fees (waived for existing MOF teams current playing) + 2x$150 = $300 game deposit (you can use for your last two games)

Total Amount payable =$380 (non-MOF teams) / $300 (MOF teams)

Prizes & Trophies:

Prize Money for Champions – $175 (assuming 8 teams, and pro-rated if otherwise)
Champion Trophy for Champions
Small Trophy for runners-up

Visit our Facebook Page – a must see ! Email us at or whatsapp us at 85769948 too! Limited slots available so be sure to confirm your registration early to avoid disappointment!

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