MOF 11s Weekend Leagues – Season Awards Night



To reward your commitment in football. That’s what the Awards Night is designed for.

An evening to be remembered on 18th October 2014 Saturday as we rejoice together in another successfully completed Season, MOF 11s Weekend Leagues Season 5, of great football and triumphant victories.

By being part of the football journey with us, we ensure you and your team end every season with a bang with the Awards Night. The night was designed simply to award our participants with their deserved medals and trophies and to recap some of the season footage together along with mingling with the other teams outside of the football field. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all that have supported us throughout our growth and humble journey.

With the setting of a celebratory mood along with servings of delightful food and jugs of beer catered for, the Awards Night also saw smiles and friendships forged. And all this, only possible because of your support for us.

Join us to be part of a beautiful footballing journey as we continue to deliver quality football to you every week and many more of such events.

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Once again, thank you for the huge turnout, your attendance was the biggest testimony of our good work !

Awards Night Photos

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