Leisure 2T ‘Two Times per Month’ League signing up now!!!


Ministry of Football has just kicked off a new Leisure 2T League to suit busy schedules, find weekly games too intense, etc but want the full experience and thrill of PLAYING IN A LEAGUE!

You play:

  • 10 matches, 2-legs! (rainoffs, etc. may mean further match arranged)
  • Choose to play 1st and 3rd weekend, or 2nd and 4th weekend of every month (some months have a 5th weekend which is not played)
  • Long weekend holidays blocked off
  • Cash Prizes, Medals, Trophies
  • $140 per game per team
  • Fixtures all planned ahead (no postponements)
  • Saturday Leisure 2T plays at 3pm
  • Sunday Leisure 2T plays at 11am/1pm
  • Full photography coverage of all games
  • For new, youth and veteran teams looking for easy game play (although we may open for more competitive leagues: just talk to us!).
  • Every division kicks off once there are 6 teams  

Whatsapp 85769948 to find out more, or email info@mof.com.sg now!

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Public Holidays block off long weekends 2017 and 2018

October17: none,  November17: none,  

December17: 23 and 24 Dec weekend (Christmas Day 25 Dec Mon) 30 and 31 Dec weekend (New Year’s Day 1 Jan Mon)

January18: none, February18:  17 and 18 Feb weekend (Chinese New Year weekend)

May18: Teams Observing Ramadan will be blocked off:19-20, 26-27 weekends

Jun18:  16-17 Jun (Hari Raya Puasa) and Teams observing Ramadan will be blocked off:June 2018: 2-3, 9-10, weekends

July18: none, Aug18: none, Sep18: none, Oct18: none, Nov18: none, Dec18: none

Please note, the above are block off dates for Leisure 2T Leagues. Only MAJOR long weekends are blocked off (i.e. Good Friday, Labour Day, Vesak Day, National Day if creating a long weekend are excluded).  

Ramadan is tentatively scheduled to commence on Tuesday, 15 May and ends in the evening of Thursday, 14 June, which means these are blocked off for teams observing

May 2018:  To Be Advised


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