Leisure 2T Sunday League Division A Fixtures


  • Timing and Location of fixtures will be confirmed 8 days before the date of the fixture which will be published on your respective team manager logins.
  • No Postponements allowed as full fixture schedule is provided in advance.

3rd December 2017

#JustPlayFootball_Lah vs Jagun Jagun FC

Pakiyoko FC vs Dank FC

17th December 2017

Dank FC vs Jagun Jagun FC

Pakiyoko FC vs #JustPlayFootball_Lah

7th January 2018

#JustPlayFootball_Lah vs Dank FC

Jagun Jagun FC vs Pakiyoko FC

21st January 2018

Dank FC vs Pakiyoko FC

Jagun Jagun FC vs #JustPlayFootball_Lah

4th February 2018

 Jagun Jagun FC vs Dank FC

#JustPlayFootball_Lah vs Central Warriors

4th March 2018

Central Warriors vs Jagun Jagun FC

#JustPlayFootball_Lah vs Pakiyoko FC

BFFC vs Dank FC

18th March 2018

Dank FC vs #JustPlayFootball_Lah

Pakiyoko FC vs Central Warriors

Jagun Jagun FC vs BFFC

1st April 2018

Central Warriors vs #JustPlayFootball_Lah

BFFC vs Pakiyoko FC

15th April 2018

Dank FC vs Central Warriors

Pakiyoko FC vs Jagun Jagun FC

#JustPlayFootball_Lah vs BFFC

29th April 2018

Jagun Jagun FC vs Central Warriors

Pakiyoko FC vs BFFC

13th May 2018

Central Warriors vs Pakiyoko FC

BFFC vs #JustPlayFootball_Lah

24th June 2018

Dank FC vs Central Warriors

BFFC vs Jagun Jagun FC

8th July 2018

Dank FC vs BFFC

22nd July 2018

Central Warriors vs BFFC

5th August 2018

BFFC vs Central Warriors