• Timing and Location of fixtures will be confirmed 8 days before the date of the fixture which will be published on your respective team manager logins.
  • no postponements are allowed for Leisure 2T Leagues, as full fixture list is provided prior to start of the season and games are played twice a month.

3rd February 2018

West Fuerza vs Gongjiao FC

Liverpool FC SG vs Pura Cendana

3rd March 2018

Liverpool FC SG vs Gongjiao FC

Higashigawa FC vs Woodgrove YEC

17th March 2018

Gongjiao FC vs Pura Cendana

Higashigawa FC vs Liverpool FC SG

Woodgrove YEC vs West Fuerza

31st March 2018

West Fuerza vs Liverpool FC SG

Pura Cendana vs Woodgrove YEC

Gongjiao FC vs Higashigawa FC

14th April 2018

Woodgove YEC vs Liverpool FC SG

Gongjiao FC vs West Fuerza

28th April 2018

Higashigawa FC vs West Fuerza

Gongjiao FC vs Woodgrove YEC

Pura Cendana vs Liverpool FC SG

12th May 2018

West Fuerza vs Pura Cendana

Gongjiao FC vs Liverpool FC SG

Woodgrove YEC vs Higashigawa FC

23rd June 2018

Pura Cendana vs Gongjiao FC

West Fuerza vs Woodgrove YEC

Liverpool FC SG vs Higashigawa FC

7th July 2018

Woodgrove YEC vs Pura Cendana

Liverpool FC SG vs West Fuerza

Higashigawa FC vs Gongjiao FC

21st July 2018

Higashigawa FC vs Pura Cendana

Liverpool FC SG vs Woodgrove YEC

4th August 2018

West Fuerza vs Higashigawa FC

Woodgrove YEC vs Gongjiao FC

18th August 2018

Pura Cendana vs West Fuerza

8th September 2018

Pura Cendana vs Higashigawa FC