La Serpiente Prevails Over Sawan Centro


These two teams have had their own fiercest of battles in their Season 5 Division, Division VI. Both were title contenders for long periods of time. While Sawan Centro finished second despite their one point deduction, the pair took the top 2 spots in the Division.

Fate has it that they will meet again and indeed they did, in the Season 5 MOF Cup. This time with the league proceedings in the concluding stage, the pair of teams would relish this tie as an opportunity to get even and settle old scores. For SWC, it meant a lot more since this competition would mean their last chance of a silverware this season.

Right in the 2nd min, it was SWC who took the lead first, only for an own goal to accredit LSFC a 1-1 score 11 mins later. Another brace in the 20th odd mins saw the 2 sides battle out a 2-2 score at HT.

The tempo took got higher as this time LSFC went ahead in the 50th min. SWC, reluctant to give up, showed their determination by equalising 13 mins later. With no goals for the remaining 17 mins, the game went into extra time; which produced no goals.

The breath-taking penalties was to be the tie-breaker.

Final Score 3-2 at the kicks. This time, it was the men in red who triumphed and proceeded to the next round, leaving SWC to lick their wounds, losing the tie in such a manner.