IF:v2 Stunted At Top Flight By Le Freakz


At the opening game of the new season, Season 6 in the Division I, Season 5 Division II Champions IF:v2 were stunted by fellow promotees Le Freakz when they were shot down 2 goals to 1 at home.

The new Division I features a fair mix of talents in the new Season, 4 of the current orbat of Division I teams remain while we witnessed 4 of the best in Season 5’s Division II teams enter the premier Division in the MOF 11s Sunday League.

Scorers #10 Imran and #99 Faiz were the pair of “Freakz” who registered themselves onto the score sheet.

This signals the scheme of affairs to come for the new season. Where an even more competitive Division I top flight will emerge and rake up more possible upsets and stories for us.