First Real Test For Mak Hitam 95


Season 4’s Finalists Project Vaults FC meets Division II side Mak Hitam 95 in the very first Quarterfinals of Season 5 MOF Cup.

While it is not a surprise for the Golden Eagles to be at this stage, Mak Hitam 95 proves itself as the force to be reckoned with when they storm into the QF from their first encounters in the Cup just after the Ramadhan break.

The latter is also on a 22 game undefeated streak since their last loss in February 2014. This string of results saw them take the Season 5’s Division III with a perfect score. The contest between them at the fancied Project Vaults FC will be their first test.

On the other hand, while PVFC seems to be the favourites, their opening Season 6 loss to 529’ers, ironically the losing side to MH95’s last Cup game at Round 3, presents some uncertainties.

It remains to be seen who will prevail in this fixture as both sides aim to be the first to advance into the Semi-Finals in the competition.

Watch this space as we bring you the results !