Familiarity Or Glory For Remix


2 clubs with 2 different kinds of history behind them.

Gabrielite Remix FC, who has been around in the scene for more than a decade now, are a famous lot. Formed by a core group of boys from Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School, the team has reached this stage of the 64 team competition by beating the likes of Team Engineering.

On the other hand, their opponents, the reigning MOF Cup holders and Sunday League Division I Champions, Happy Feet United was formed less than 3 years ago. Although with a long history behind them for the core group dating back to their younger days, HFU have grown in strength in great leaps and bounds.

Tomorrow, the 2 sides face off again, this time in the 4th Quarterfinal of the Sunday League’s MOF Cup. With a stake in the Semi-Finals against Toh Guan Krew, who triumphed over fellow promotees IF:v2; the victor of this game has a tremendous reward lying ahead.

Will Remix, often known for their notoriety in their often successful Cup runs, be the first team to break the unbeaten run of the Penguins ? Or will it be yet another familiar story ?

Watch this space for the results !