Emergence of the 11s Cup Semi-Finalists

MOF Cup Bracket

The birth of the Semi-Finalists.

Torpedo Rovers FC suffered a painful defeat at the hands of Division V Champions Aquila FC as they trailed 0-1 for most periods of the Quarter-Finals last week. With 5 mins to go, an emphatic injection of hope was given when they equalised to make it 1-1, seemingly destined to go into ET/Penalty Kicks.

It was not to be as a unfortunate mistake was committed when a AQL shot was taken and found its way into the net right at the dying minutes, condemning the Season 3 MOF Cup Finalists to yet another fruitless outing this season. Aquila FC will now face Season 5 Finalists Project Vaults FC in the SFs.

In another QFs, Gabrielite Remix FC, hoping to be the first team to hurl defending Champions Happy Feet United off their throne, turned up for the fixture missing several key players. With that, the prospect of achieving that feat became gloomy.

True enough, while Remix threw everything that they have got at the Penguins, it was just not sufficient to hold mighty HFU off. While the defeat of 1-3 to HFU was a respectable one, GRFC would have relished a better result.

Toh Guan Krew awaits the arrival of the Champions at the SFs. Will AQL and TGK upset any of their opponents at the SFs or again will it be yet another face off between the traditional powerhouses HFU and PVFC in the Finals ? We shall see.

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