Be Rewarded For Your Passion – The MOF 11s Awards Nights

Collage Season Awards Night

At MOF, we prime ourselves to be the League that is complete and one where the participants will be rewarded for their passion for the sport.

From the first season’s MOF 11s Weekend Leagues’ Awards Night which was held in February 2013 at Kovan Sports Centre till the latest which was held this year in May 2014 at the Singapore Recreation Club, we have witnessed a total of 4 Awards Nights. The Awards Night is an evening of fun and joy, where award winners of the season congregate together for a night’s of fun, food and drinks. While we have sought to improve each Awards Night, such a simple get-together has brought merry to many of the participants.

Being the first to innovate the idea of a complete league; with attractive cash prizes, the usual trophies and medals, media coverage of proceedings in the league and broadcasting via our numerous social platforms, we are constantly aware that there will always be room for improvement. Without the support of the teams, we will never be where we are today.

With that in mind, we shall pledge to relentless strive to better the MOF Experience !