A Decade Of Wait Finally Over For Torpedo Rovers


It is amazing how one can be patient enough to wait up for a taste of revenge.

The game between Torpedo Rovers FC and Rendezvous FC may have no bearing to many but the 2 traditional powerhouses in the social amateur football scene ( morning segment ) have had their rivalry dated back to almost a decade ago.

Although having seen many rounds of player changes and transfers, both remain combative sides and between them, they boast many awards and accolades envied by many. For the longest period of time, Torpedo Rovers have never tasted victory against Rendezvous FC. To this, the victory of TRFC over RFC on Sunday was especially sweet.

Only small pockets of the old guards/alumni of the 2 teams remain either in charge of the teams or supporting the teams in the background today. The younger players do inherit the rivalry throughout the years. In the past 3 plus years, the 2 sides have not met. On Sunday, the stake was a lot higher than just needing to honour their respective teams and gain bragging rights.

TRFC, the 2 time ex-Champions of MOF 11s Sunshine Division in Season 2 & 3 is now in the same Division as Rendezvous FC, the reigning Sunshine Division Champion. For TRFC, the win is crucial to maintain a strong grasp on the leadership and keep pace with the leaders Nautical FC and lurking-behind Fajar Youngsters. Rendezvous FC, despite a torrid season after a whirlwind win last season, badly needed a win to boost team morale. Mathematically out of the running for the title, season honours is vaguely still possible.

In a game of non-stop action, it was Rovers who got the win they so desired. The 4-3 win was emphatic, epic and needless to say important.

Now that it is over, we may see, provided fate has it the way that it’ll be planned as such, the 2 sides lock horns again in the Sunshine Cup.



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