MOF Cup : Clash of Champions Sees Aquila Scrape Through To QFs



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Having demolished strong sides, Nautical FC and Reunited FC in the first 2 rounds, immediate past Champions of MOF 11s Sunshine League, Rendezvous FC, hosted Aquila FC in a round 3 tie last Sun. The latter, although walkovered their 1st Rd tie, did not have an easy time with their route as well, as they had to contend with young side El Nino, battling out a hard fought 6-4 win before getting this far.

Aquila FC, themselves the Champions of MOF 11s Sunday League Season 5 Division V, found uneasiness to face REZ that early in a Sunday morning and witnessed frantically their players arriving just on time for the game. An unfamiliar timing for AQL, it was apparent that they looked out of sorts and often put on the back feet by the aggressive REZ players for the initial parts of the game.

True enough, with the undesired manner in which AQL players made ready for the game, REZ raced to a 2-0 lead within 10 mins with #18 Victor the scorer of the 2nd. However with AQL settling down as the time progressed, they replied within a min of the 2nd REZ goal to reduce thed deficit by 1 goal. And a 24th min equaliser brought the sides into HT with the score at 2-2.

The 2HT was as combative as the 1HT though it yielded no goals. The tie was to be settled with the much dreaded penalty kicks. The total of 6 kicks ( with each having to take 3 ), had an unusual statistic of 3 misses. Luck was on AQL’s side as they prevailed the contest 2-1 through the kicks.

With this win, AQL is on track for a season double as they await the victors of Sotea Galaxy and yet another Sunshine juggernaut in 2 time MOF 11s Sunshine Division Champions Torpedo Rovers FC.

Not the best way to decide the winner but Aquila FC will smile through this one having to survive this difficult game.

Game Photos

Game Photos

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