Toh Guan Krew The Comeback Kings



Toh Guan Krew, Champions of Division V 2 seasons ago, has acclaimed themselves to be the Comeback Kings of the MOF Leagues. In no less than 3 occasions, the men in their striking, sponsors-filled light blue kit, have made remarkable comebacks to either win or force a draw in important games.

First up was the MOF Cup Round 2 tie against young side Lads 13, down at 0-2, TGK fought back to level the score at 2-2. The never-give-up attitude displayed the resilience of the squad as they battled their way through despite being on a one month plus break because of the fasting period. The resultant 3 penalty kicks ended on a high crescendo when they emerged victorious, advancing to the next round.

Then on yet another MOF Cup tie when they fell behind to fellow potential Quarterfinalists Kamikaze 0-1 at the Round 3 stage. Again facing opponents who were having a lower age-average than them, TGK threw everything they had and were rewarded with an eventual 2-1 victory, seeing them advancing into the Quarterfinal stage for the first time.

Last Sun was the turkey-stunt as they faced mighty Sol United in a Division I game. Not having much luck in the previous seasons against Division I teams, it was telling when at HT, TGK was made to pay for it being down 0-3. Amazingly, the Toh Guan side pulled back 3 astonishing goals to force a draw, ending the combative affair 3-3.

With this set of results and reflection of their zest for each game, complacency of any sort of any opponents will double-edge themselves and risk losing whatever good that they have done. We are pretty certain Division I teams and in the near future, their traditional rivals in the MOF Cup Quarterfinals IF:v2, will have fear of this “TGK Comeback Phenomenon” struck into them …. anytime, anywhere.

Previous Encounters

TGK v KMZ TGK v KMZ TGK v LAD TGK v LAD IMG_6912-1024x682

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