MOF Cup Season 5 Toh Guan Krew Survives Scare

MOF Cup Season 5 Toh Guan Krew Survives Scare

The MOF Cup’s weekly proceedings get better and more exciting each week. Last week was a thrilling affair that saw ENGG make a drastic comeback from 3-0 to win 4-3 in the dying mins. This week we witnessed yet another dramatic episode of comebacks; this time by MOF 11s Leagues Division II kingpins Toh Guan Krew.

After a few weeks without football, both sides looked rusty in the opening exchanges. Opponents Division VII Lads 13 appeared to the brighter side as they swamped forward in waves; with TGK’s defence warming up albeit slowly. The 1HT was even with few moments of brilliance with LAD looking the side most probable to score.

True enough, it was LAD who opened the scoring first through Mish and shortly after Zul; which was a pre-amble for a big upset for the night. The 2nd goal by LAD set the stage for the seasoned TGK to up the attacking tempo and TGK’s Hassan reduced the deficit to 1-2 with less than 10 mins left. Drama unfolded when Captain Marvel Yazid himself brought redemption to the former Season 4 Division V Champions by scoring in the last min of the game.

The penalties was an apt crescendo to the entire match as LAD missed the opening kick, only for TGK to miss at their 2nd. After the crucial 3rd LAD kicker missed his, it was again left for TGK’s Yazid to score and break LAD’s hearts. Even a sporting 3 Cheers from TGK couldn’t settle their moods.

Celebrations broke out and TGK advanced to Round 2. Kudos to LAD for a remarkable display and cementing the ideology that “anything can happen during a Cup game”. A true David vs Goliath battle with the former showing its worth in this Season’s Cup tournament.

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