Writers / Interviews / Journalists wanted for MOF Football History Project!

Writers / Interviews / Journalists wanted for MOF’s Singapore Grassroots Football History Project!

Join us to capture Singapore’s football history before it is lost!

MOF is recruiting journalists, writers and researchers, and calling for  contributors, for this series we call Singapore Grassroots Football History which will be a permanent part of our website www.ministryoffootball.com.sg

Journalists, Writers and Researchers

To be considered for this job, Email hiring@mof.com.sg by attaching your resume AND writing samples (in English) and answer the questions below!

How familiar are you with football in general?

How much do you know about Singapore football from the 1950s and every decade after? 

How do you believe you can contribute to this project?

What is your availability? How many hours per week, and how for how many months?

We will provide you with contact details of key individuals important to Singapore’s history. You will be required to interview them. What kind of questions do you think you will have for such individuals?

What $ remuneration are you expecting ?


Ministry of Football seeks views & historical accounts through interviews and contributions from veterans, heroes, observers, fans, participants of local  Singapore football across the ages: pre-1950s,50s,60s,70s,80s,90s,00s,2010-onwards.

If you are aware of, or belong to, that era’s football scene, we would love to hear your account! No stories are too big or small! Do contact us! 


Visit our Facebook Page – a must see ! Email us at hiring@mof.com.sg or whatsapp/call us at 85769948 too to find out more about leagues, cups, Academy & competitions!

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